Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of interior design style does Sandra Bunn Designs, Inc. offer?
A: Our mission is to create a style that reflects the client's personal taste. Sandra will take everything on your wish list and make a stunning transformation to your room(s). Please view our portfolios: Interior Design, Workroom, and Specialties Porfolios.

Q: I have a seasonal home in Florida but my time there may be limited. What can be done?
A: Trust is a critical factor and Sandra has been in business since 1989. Sandra is a licensed Interior Designer who is highly respected by her clients. Many of Sandra's clients have a second home in Florida. Sandra's main priority is to constantly communicate with her clients. Note: will provide references upon request.

Q: What do I need to know about your initial consultations? Is there a fee?
A: Our initial interview is free. The consultation service is available by the hour and is scheduled by appointment. Sandra will come to your home or business to determine your objectives for the space.

During the inital consultation is a perfect time to present any photos collected from magazines or ideas from the Internet. Pictures are worth thousand words and this will give Sandra a starting point in determining your style, theme, and color. Sandra will then prepare an outline of recommendations based upon what was discussed during the consultation. This gives room for any changes and additions before commencement on any project.

Q: How long should an interior decorating or staging project take?
A: Every project is different and it depends on several factors such as: Is there custom furniture or exotic materials ordered? Is there any construction involved? How many trade firms will be needed and how long will each firm take to complete their task? The more complex the design project, the longer the timeline.

Q: How can I ensure that I work within a budget?
A: On the initial interview with the client, Sandra will go over the budget and scope of the project. Sandra can work with any size budget to help you create the space you desire.

Q: Where can I see examples of your design work?
A: You can view projects on our online portfolio. Please click the following links: Interior Design, Workroom, and Specialties Porfolios.

Q: What is ASID?
A: ASID is the American Society of Interior Designers and is the largest professional organization in the design industry.

Q: Why is using an ASID Interior Designer important?
A: ASID members have the training and expertise to manage all the details of your project. This title is a privilege and must be earned.

Q: Why should I hire a professional designer?
A: There are many benefits of hiring a professional designer. They can:

  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Create unique solutions for your room(s).
  • Create a desirable space.
  • Monitor design process from start to finish.
  • Solve problems that arise on projects

Q: Can I mix styles?
A: Yes, some of the most beautiful homes that you see in magazines combine different design styles. This can be a tricky and overwhelming technique. Sandra has a knack of combining different styles to make the rooms look stunning. Mixing different styles together can add depth and dimension to the room and make the space look shabby chic. Please look at our portofilios Interior Design, Workroom, and Specialties Porfolios. Also, dress up the home with some unique eye catching items at our online store.

Q: Do you do a faux wall treatment?
A: Yes, we handle a variety of faux and other paint treatments. We also handle custom window treatments and hand painted "one-of-a-kind" wall murals.

Q: What is home staging?
A: Sandra can make over a room by adding a few accessories such as candles, pillows, window treatments, and/or wall colors. It may also be a small fix such as de-clutter or re-arranging existing furniture. Every project is different but Sandra knows what is needed to get the house sold fast.

Q: What is "Green" design?
A: Green design is growing in popularity and is a smart way of doing business. Sandra can help you make decisions that will impact and preserve our environment. Although, Sandra is not LEED certified yet, she takes advantage of practicing “green design” whenever possible.

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